1988: Michael Jordan scores 52 (24-29fg) in a loss to Barkley (42/16) & the 76ers

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1988 – Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley were arguably the best players at their positions and both were hungry (no pun intended) and ringless.  And on November 16th of that year, the two superstars from the 1984 Draft (best ever!) had a showdown in Philly that would give fantasy owners a wet dream…if only fantasy basketball leagues existed back then.

Jordan connected on an amazing 24 of 29 shots to go with 9 rebounds, 4 steals and 2 blocks in 43 minutes of action. Barkley put up an equally impressive 42 points and 16 rebounds and got the rare W over Mike.


The two would become best friends during their time in Barcelona at the 1992 Olympics and then compete against each other in the 1993 NBA Finals. Jordan came away with the championship even though Barkley said “God wanted the Suns to win.”

In 2015, Barkley said his relationship with Jordan soured because of comments he made about Jordan not “doing a good job” as a NBA team owner.

“I thought my name was SOB and MF,” Barkley said of Jordan’s reaction to his criticism.



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