15 Legit Celebrity SneakerHeads

Ever wonder who the top celebrity sneakerhead is nowadays?  Well the good people over at Sole Collector has curated a list consisting of 15 sneakerheads that bring the heat on the daily.  Don’t worry, the likes of Kanye didn’t make the cut since he’s designing some of the sneakers that the celebrities are wearing nowadays.  Thanks to social media the internet has been able to spot sneakers on celebrities rockin’ classics, runners and retros whether it be they’re working or just living their day to day lives as a casual sneakerhead.  Curren$y, Jerry Seinfeld, Mark Wahlberg & Teyana Taylor are 4 of the 15 that made the list.  Head over to Sole Collector for the full article and full list of celebrities.  Can you guess who’s number 1?

sneakerheads sneakerheads sneakerheads sneakerheads


Source: SC