(2004) Kobe Bryant Forces OT With a 3, Hits A Game-Winning 3 in Double OT & Then Gives His Shoes To “The Kobe Stopper”

Published on April 14th, 2015 by Astramskas, David | 5,415 views

Do you remember Ruben Patterson aka The Kobe Stopper aka The Nanny Stopper?  On April 14th of 2004, the self proclaimed Kobe Stopper didn’t live up to his name as Kobe Bryant hit a ridiculous shot over him to force OT and then hit another to win the game in double OT.

“It was a great shot by the young fellow,” said Shaq. “He said `Set me a good pick and we’re going home with a win.’ That’s the sign of a great player, a great, confident shot.”

If it wasn’t bad enough that the Kobe Stopper didn’t stop Kobe at the end of regulation, Patterson had a chance to put the game away seconds earlier, but missed two free throws.

Well, at least Patterson did go home with one thing – Kobe’s shoes!

“Yeah, I asked for his shoes,” Patterson said. “I said, `You’ve got to give me your shoes for that one.’ “

So to recap. Patterson missed 2 free throws, allowed Kobe to score 37 points, hit the shot to put the game into OT and hit the game winner in double OT and then went home with Kobe’s sneakers.







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