(2008) Kevin Garnett Screams “Anything is Possible” instead of “Impossible is Nothing”

Published on June 17th, 2015 by Astramskas, David | 13,322 views

Seven years later and Kevin Garnett’s three screamed words — Anything is possible! — are probably still the most memorable words ever said in a NBA championship post-game interview.

As cool as it sounded to most fans, supposedly some people at Adidas didn’t care for the speech. Some believed Kevin Garnett was trying to promote the shoe company but ended up screwing up the slogan, which was ‘Impossible is nothing.” “Anything is possible” just happens to be the slogan of Chinese sneaker company Li-Ning. What makes the story even more amusing is KG would eventually leave Adidas and join a Chinese sneaker company: Li-Ning competitor Anta.

Obviously, Adidas reps said they had no idea what KG was going to say after winning his first and only Championship and nothing was planned.

Do I believe them? Well, anything is possible I guess.



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