2012 NBA Slam dunk Contest Recap | Jeremy (not Lin) Evans won

Players in this post:
Paul George

Recap of the 2012 Slam Dunk Contest won by Jeremy Evans with only 29% of fan voting.

Dunk Rankings?:

1. Paul George w/ lights off
2. Jeremy Evans dunking 2 basketballs
3. Derrick Williams 360 from Rubio pass
4. Chase Budinger blindfolded reverse dunk (He really could not see)
5. Derrick Williams windmill over the bike
6. Chase Budinger over Puff Daddy
7. Paul George over Roy Hibbert & Dahntey Jones
8. Paul George dunk and slapping Larry Bird sticker on the backboard
9. Jeremy Evans with the mailman dunk over Kevin Hart
10. Chase Budinger windmill dunk
11. Jeremy Evans with the eye-cam dunk
12. Derrick Williams with 20 attempts and 1 dunk

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