For dunkmegalomaniacs, here’s a cornucopia of dunks brought to you by our friend Billy Doran and Dunkademics.  Although the 7 minute video mainly focuses on show dunkers and streetballers from Ballup to the VBL league, there are some cameos by NBA pros like Kevin Durant, DeMar DeRozan, Shannon Brown, JaVale McGee & Blake Griffin (doing the robot and serving as a dunk contest prop).

For fans of the dunking community, all of the usual suspects you expect to see in a best of dunk video are present: from Kwame Alexander to Young Hollywood, AirDogg, Air Up There, Guy Dupuy, Jus Fly, Kenny Dobbs, Reemix, Werm, Sir Issac, Chris Staples, Tim Trew, Porter Maberry, Smoove, G-Smith, Roscoe Johnson, Michael Blue, Los, Lipek, Jonsey, Pick, Jordan Kilganon, Daniel Hyde, Skywalker, Mr Afrika, Kid Dynamite, Poster Boy, Nathaniel Mills, James Hinnant and a guy jumping over fire.  Yep, a guy named the Dunk Father jumping over fire!

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