21 Years After His Rap Debut, Brian Shaw Rapped a Pregame Scouting Report With The Nuggets

Fun times not gonna lie

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If you are under 20 you probably only know Brian Shaw as a coach. If you are old school then you might remember the Brian Shaw who won 3 NBA championships with the Lakers. If you are real old school then you might remember the Shaw-Shaq redemption in Orlando or even when Shaw set a NBA record by hitting 10 3-pointers in a game with the Miami Heat. ┬áDuring these good time in Florida, Shaw also participated in the rap compilation album B-Ball’s Best Kept Secret with teammate Shaquille O’Neal. ┬áThe song he did on the album was called “Anything Can Happen” and it featured some nice production by Too Short’s producer Ant Banks.

Well, anything can happen including a day when Shaw became head coach for the Denver Nuggets and day when he was unfairly fired by the organization. And yesterday, Nuggets guard Ty Lawson shared a “good time” during Shaw’s time as coach, with a video of Shaw showing off his old school flow 20 years after he did as one of “B-Ball’s Best Kept Secrets.”