Tayshaun Prince blocks LeBron’s coast-to-coast layup, then goes coast-to-coast & dunks by Mozgov,

Published on February 25th, 2015 by Astramskas, David | 783 views

Tayshaun Prince’s 1st quarter coast-to-coast slam was nice but Timofey Mozgov made it even nicer by unsuccessfully trying to block it from behind and successfully ending up in a poster.

It’s nice to see the 34 year old who hasn’t gained a pound in the last 20 years still being productive and still catching opposing players with surprising dunks and blocks. One of his blocks came earlier on a coast-to-coast layup attempt by LeBron.

This play against LeBron gives me an excuse to post this throwback vid from 2009 of the Prince owning the King with a nice spin move and power dunk.



(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)


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