Meet Zach Jones – 26 year old YouTube Dunk Sensation turned Entrepreneur & his new clothing brand “LOB”

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Today is Zach Jones birthday.  There’s a good chance you don’t know who he is (yet) but at the age of 26, “Jonsey,” has already been a YouTube dunk sensation with millions of views, competed in multiple dunk contests in front of LeBron James and unofficially has the most appearances by a white person on World Star Hip Hop for doing something cool.  That doesn’t sound much different than the average “dunker” on YouTube but how about owner of a Top 5 Art Publishing company in the US with products in Wal-Mart and many other major retail stores.  If that wasn’t enough the dunker turned entrepreneur just started his own clothing brand “LOB – Love of Basketball.”

The tagline for “LOB” is “Fresh Gear made by Hoopers, by Hoopers!” and the hooper has done a great job recruiting hoopers to endorse the brand.  Streetball legends like Hot Sauce, Dunk phenoms like Werm, Guy Dupuy and 5’5 Porter Maberry and even  Buck’s Larry Sanders and ex NBA player Drew Gooden have endorsed the brand.


I caught up with the birthday boy to do a quick Q&A for people to get more familiar with him and LOB.

For those that haven’t seen your multiple appearances on Worldstar or getting robbed in the Sprite Showdown  Introduce yourself.

I am Zach Jones aka Jonsey 26 yrs old from Dayton, OH— To some, I am professional dunker who has made a name for myself from my creative and explosive dunking style. In “Real Life” I have recently purchase “Penny Lane Publishing” from my parents as of Jan. 1st 2013 which is a Top 5 Art Publishing Companies in the US… I have products in every Wal-Mart , Target, Hobby Lobby across the world… Know the industry like the back of my hand and worked very hard to get where I am.

Now, after building friendships, partnerships, fans, and a lot of networking I want to put back some of my resources to start a “Brand” that gives back to Hoopers which is “LOB” “Love of Basketball”

What is LOB? 

“LOB” is a new Apparel company made for Hoopers by Hoopers… I have a lot of designers who are working hard to develop a look that is identified with every ball player… Unfortunately I can’t tell the full extent of where I want to take this brand because it needs to get further in the development processes but we aren’t going for something small. The vision is huge, and if we can pull it off, I can’t wait to give back to this industry we love… If nothing else, I hope we can give some fresh new looks to Courts all over the world.

People might recognize a few faces in the commercial. Who all is in it?

Drew Gooden and Larry Sanders actually was a fluke just being out at Venice beach but they were very interested in LOB thought it was a great idea, and made sure that we contacted him once we were home… Since Drew has followed on twitter, and Larry asked if we had any NBA Athletes signed yet… Great guys!!

You, Guy and Haneef are some of the pioneers of the “YouTube dunk phenomenon” and helped introduce to the world a bunch of dunks that most people never thought was possible by just watching the NBA dunk contest. I think evolution of dunks in the past 5 years is probably the equivalent of the 20 before it in terms of difficulty and technique. What are your thoughts?

To be honest, I think people are a little too harsh on the NBA Guys… As much as Its hard for us Dunkers to watch the dunk contest and see dunks that are either easy for us, or just know we have dunks that would easily win these contests… However, I feel like people aren’t thinking of all of the great dunks we are seeing… 360 Behind the Back Terrance ross, etc…

Back to LOB. What’s next for the brand?

It will be seen all over the world in a short period of time… Going on tour with the Celebrity “Legends Tour” with Guy Dupuy, Adrian Mack will be wearing it in scenes of his new Streetball Movie they are starting filming soon… Also, I will be using my resources through my art business to evolve the “Licensing” aspect of the company adding more products, and licensing the names to companies we have partnerships with.

You can learn more about LOB and check out their products at LoveOfBasketball.Net

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