7’3 Former NBA Player Keith Closs Gets Dunked On in Team USA’s Loss to Pilipinas

Published on September 6th, 2015 by Astramskas, David | 25,597 views

I’m going to get my a$$ kicked by a former NBA player one day and it’s going to be former NBA player Keith “The Boss” Closs’ fault. The reason being is every time I post about something embarrassing about a former player, he tells me he’s going to call up the player and remind them.  So today, it gives me great pleasure to be able to post an embarrassing clip of The Boss himself.  The 7’3 Keith is currently playing with the Team USA select team in the William Jones Cup and on Friday he got posterized by the Pilipinas’ Moala (can I buy a vowel) Tautuaa.

In Keith’s defense (no pun intended), a player on the opposing team was holding his arm and pushing him out of the way. As for the a$$ kicking, Keith has a great sense of humor and he’s actually the guy who gave me the hat tip on the video.

But just to mess with Keith, i’m going to post this dunk (yeah that was me that uploaded the video 2 years ago) of 6’4 Antonio Daniels dunking on him before getting into some Closs clips he will want to share.




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