Vegas Insiders predict the 76ers will win 16 games | Jalen & Bill Simmons 76ers Season Preview

I am in no way accusing any player of point shaving and will not quote any athlete that has told me things that could make somebody think that a player would shave points in a NBA game and I don’t believe the FBI story about the 81 Knicks shaving points for drug dealers but if you bet on games then you know how absolutely scary it is that the Vegas lines are so close on so many quarter, halves and games. As for predictions for a season, that’s a little tougher to come up with any  fixing theories but millions are being bet on the following predictions by

They have the Heat winning the most at 60 and the Clippers coming in 2nd with 57 wins and on the other end of the column sits the Philly “We Want Wiggins But We Aren’t Going to Tank On Purpose” 76ers at 16.5 wins.  The Phoenix Suns have the 2nd worst win prediction at 21.5.

2013-14 NBA Win Totals 

Courtesy of LVH

Atlanta Hawks 40
Boston Celtics 27 ½
Brooklyn Nets 52 ½
Charlotte Bobcats 27 ½
Chicago Bulls 56 ½
Cleveland Cavaliers 40 ½
Dallas Mavericks 44
Denver Nuggets 47
Detroit Pistons 41
Golden State Warriors 49 ½
Houston Rockets 54 ½
Indiana Pacers 53 ½
Los Angeles Clippers 57
Los Angeles Lakers 33 ½
Memphis Grizzlies 49
Miami Heat 60
Milwaukee Bucks 28 ½
Minnesota Timberwolves 41
New Orleans Pelicans 40
New York Knicks 49 ½
Oklahoma City Thunder 50 ½
Orlando Magic 24 ½
Philadelphia 76ers 16 ½
Phoenix Suns 21 ½
Portland Trailblazers 38 ½
Sacramento Kings 31 ½
San Antonio Spurs 55 ½
Toronto Raptors 36 ½
Utah Jazz 27 ½
Washington Wizards 42


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