80s Fight: Charles Oakley & Rick Mahorn Fight After Hard Foul on Michael Jordan

Check out this fight between two of the baddest (and some would say dirtiest) enforcers in NBA history: Rick Mahorn and Charles Oakley.

The battle between the bruisers is pay-per-view worthy and I’m pretty sure Michael Jordan would gladly pay a lot of money to see his good friend Oakley beat up the Bad Boy, who has had his share of hard fouls on his Airness, even when Mahorn was playing for the City of Brotherly Love.


But I don’t want to make Mahorn sound like he was just some goon with five fouls to give. The 2nd round pick played 18 years in the league and averaged close to a double-double for five of them. The NBA champ also was a member of the All-Defensive 2nd team and went on to win two championships as a WNBA coach. He also once got suspended by the WNBA for “using excessive force” to break up a brawl during a Sparks and Shock game.

He’s now back with the (not so Bad Boy) Pistons doing color commentary.

I couldn’t end this without showing Mahorn getting dunked on by Jordan…

And a few more Mahorn moments, including the time he didn’t even flinch when former teammate Isiah Thomas threw a punch at him.



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