9th grader, Akabueze Chuburuebuka Jude, gets dunked on, then “Responds like a Boss!”

9th grader Akabueze Chuburuebuka Jude(that’s going to be a tough sell on a NBA jersey and a dot com address nobody will ever be able to type out) showed the crowd at the Fab Frosh Top 30 All-Star game how to respond after getting dunked on.

On a poorly guarded inbound play, AC (this is what Akabueze will now be called) was late trying to get to DJ Weaver who ended up scoring on a poster dunk over AC.  DJ ran down the court with a big smile on his face before AC came down, gave DJ a high five, got serious and then scored on him.   AC then got back on D and came down with a board which lead to a missed layup by his teammate and a wide open dunk attempt by the opposing team. Wide open until AC came into the picture and rejected the dunk.  This again lead to another layup attempt by one of his teammates but this time AC was there to get the offensive board and score.

And that my friends is how you respond to getting dunked on.

Video: CityLeagueHoops



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