A 10 Minute Tribute to Wilt Chamberlain’s “Dipper Dunk”

Published on July 24th, 2015 by Astramskas, David | 1,997 views

Here’s another gem from the Wilt Chamberlain Archive.  Since Wilt is known for his superior size and strength over the majority of players he played against, we usually spend most of our time trying to showcase his all-around game or convince you that his finesse game was as good as any player in any era. Just last week, we were bragging about how Wilt had an unstoppable fadeaway jump shot. While doing all of this, we sometimes forget to praise “The Big Dipper” for his powerful inside game which usually led to a couple of defenders getting posterized every game by “The Dipper Dunk.”

Here’s 10 minutes of the Dipper doing a lot of Dipping while NBA legends do a lot of praising.



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