A Big Man’s Game: The Earl Boykins Story

Here’s a teaser for an upcoming documentary about 5-5, 133-pound former NBA player Earl Boykins called A Big Man’s Game: The Earl Boykins Story.

Boykins, a lights out scorer in college, played for 10 teams (twice for two teams) during his 12-year NBA career. His best seasons were in Denver, where he averaged over 10 points per game for three and a half seasons, including a career-best 15.2 in 2006. The best scoring month of his career came during December of that 2006 season when he scored 20+ points in nine of the first ten games and 30 and 36 later that month.

Boykins is now a head coach at Castle Rock Douglas County High School…where every player is taller than him.

Here’s my favorite play by Boykins…

And here’s my favorite image of Boykins. Yes, it’s photoshopped, but it had gullible people on the internet really thinking a soon-to-be-fired NBATV worker put this on the screen while Boykins was going off on the Lakers.