All 69 dunks by Paul George in 2013/2014

Published on June 18th, 2014 by Astramskas, David | 2,335 views

My favorite YouTube channel of the past 2 months, DownToBuck, is back with another dunk compilation showing every single dunk a specific player had last season and showing that this editor either needs a job, girlfriend, another hobby or some sleep because I can’t imagine how anybody could have created all of these compilations.  I understand finding the time to make the Gerald Green, Westbrook and Blake Griffin mixes but all 64 dunks by John Henson or 136 3-pointers by Mirza Teletovic?  I’m not complaining because the effort is beyond appreciated but I’m just saying.

The subject in this vid is Paul George, who surprisingly only had 69 dunks (5 more than John Henson and 77 less than Kevin Durant) this year, but one of the most memorable game dunks of all-time.




1390632714000-01-24-2014-Paul-George2 tumblr_my544cYU4C1rwnk26o1_1280 80828021




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