Allen Iverson says Him, Michael Jordan, Shaq and any two other people would go 82-0

Published on May 31st, 2015 by Astramskas, David | 13,673 views

In a recent must/read interview by Chris Palmer of B/R with Allen Iverson, the 2001 MVP was asked what his Big Three would look like.

“Wow,” he says dreamily. “Me, Mike and Shaq.” He looks at me. “We’d go 82-0 even with you in the backcourt.”

He didn’t mention a specific year, him, the GOAT and the MDE (and the writer) would go undefeated but I think you could pick almost any year after Jordan’s first retirement and you would have the most unstoppable trio in history.

We could go with 1995 and a 72-10 Bulls’ Jordan, a young Shaq fresh off losing in the NBA Finals and a Georgetown Allen Iverson.

We could go with Jordan during his 2nd 3-peat, an about to be in his prime Lakers Shaq and a rookie Allen Iverson who went on a 5 game streak of scoring 40+.

We could go with 2001, a year before Michael Jordan signed with the Wizards and Allen Iverson won MVP over Shaq who helped his team win the NBA championship with a 16-1 playoff record.

You could even take a 1992 Jordan with a rookie Shaq, a 17 year old Iverson and team them up with 2 NBA scrubs and have a championship contender.


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