Allen Iverson – Top 15 Hustle Plays + “Injuries” commercial

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Allen Iverson

I know a lot of people hate the term “pound for pound” but for those who don’t, many of them, including Kevin Durant, will say Allen Iverson is “pound for pound – the best player ever.”

At 6’0 and about 160 pounds – while wet and wearing Reebok sneakers and a few layers of clothing and jewelry –  it’s not just the talent he showed on the court that makes me people say this but his willingness to hustle and dive after every ball, while suffering from multiple injuries, like his life depended on it.

Above is another great Iverson vid by the keeper of all AI footage, Pennyccwai, showcasing that hustle.

Below is one of my favorite AI commercials showcasing The Answer IX sneakers and a few of the injuries AI played with as a result of that leave it on the floor mentality.