American David Samuels Kicked Off Austrian Basketball Team After Sucker Punching Player

Where’s Brandon Ingram when you need him?

I don’t know who the Kermit Washington impersonator is but his ass deserves punishment in the form of an ass kicking and getting kicked out of the Austrian pro basketball league for sucker punching a player who just wanted to celebrate his dunk the way Shawn Kemp would. I also don’t know how serious the injuries are from the punch, but Washington’s infamous sucker punch on Rudy Tomjanovich in 1977 resulted in a fractured skull, broken jaw, broken nose and leakage of spinal fluid. Hopefully, this guy just walks away with a bad headache.

UPDATE: The guy who threw the punch is former Long Beach State player David Samuels and he has been kicked off the Kapfenberg Bulls team.

“The player has to suffer the consequences for his actions, there’s no leeway and nothing to wait for.” Said Bulls GM Oliver Freund to The Sun. “In our organization and in sports in general, there is no room for that. We’ve also immediately communicated that to the player – tomorrow he will board a trip home.”

He averaged 11 points and 6 boards in his three games with the Bulls. The guy who got sucker punched is Erwin Zulic of the Raiffeisen Flyers Wels.


Here’s Shawn Kemp hanging on the rim while sitting on the shoulders of Dennis Rodman, followed by Rajon Rondo (who is currently suspended for his involvement in the 2018 Lakers-Rockets brawl) doing a similar but more disrespectful post-dunk celebration during his high school days.


If you have never seen “The Punch” Kermit Washington landed on Rudy T, here it is.

Source: The Sun

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