An Interview With Allen Iverson

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| March 1st, 2016 | 974 Views


We all know him. He was the guy that everyone wanted to be like. We wanted to dress like him & we wanted to hoop like him. Hell, I bet there were people out there who even tried to mimic his tone of voice. That tone of confidence and undeniable attitude that made Iverson who he was off the court. A true individual spirit and maestro of basketball.

Recently Complex had the opportunity to sit down with the NBA legend to discuss topics such as today’s NBA style, playing HORSE, blowin’ bands at TGI Friday’s & costing Reebok a whole lot of money for not wearing a particular pair of shoes. Iverson also reflects on how the NBA attempted to control his actions, something that definitely did not sit well with him. AI also gives insight to whose game he admires in today’s NBA.

You can go here for the full article and see what the Pound for Pound GOAT has been up to nowadays.



Source: Complex

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