Andrea Bargnani gets ejected for trash talking Kevin Garnett…in Italian?

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“I don’t speak Italian” – KG’s answer when asked what Andrea Bargnani said to him

Up by 28 with 9 minutes left in an ugly game, the always antagonistic KG (with 6 points to his name) and Bargnani got into a little skirmish that led to a bunch of  a players rushing to their teammates aide and doing absolutely nothing but extending the duration of the game.

Charles Barkley, providing some amusing commentary, said “there’s not a fighter in that group” and if you are familiar with KG’s bullying ways then you know he’s quick to bark (literally) at mainly smaller players and once a guy his own size steps up (eg. Antonio McDyesss), KG is quick to back down.

Once the fight tease was over with, as New York fans were chanting “Let’s go Knicks,” Bargnani hit a jumper and then “spoke Italian” to KG that led to a 2nd technical and ejection by the over sensitive Joey Crawford.  

It was Bargani’s first career ejection but he was pretty delighted after the game since the Knicks came away with a 30 point win that snapped a 9 game losing streak.

The last time KG was in New York, he caused the infamous “honey nut cheerios” scandal with Carmelo Anthony.  Hopefully there wont be too many more visits to MSG for KG because watching him score under 10 points game after game in blowouts after blowouts is just painful to watch.


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