Andrew Harrison Shoves Twin Brother Aaron During Summer League Game, Undrafted Aaron Shines

For the first time in their hoop career, the Harrison Twins aren’t Harrison teammates.

Andrew and Aaron dominated high school while being ranked as top 10 players in the nation, then went on to Kentucky where they had some memorable big plays and helped the Wildcats go 38-0 before losing in the national semifinal game. Then after weeks of worries that they would be 2nd round draft picks or undrafted, Andrew ended up a 2nd round draft pick of the Grizzlies while Aaron went undrafted. But it didn’t take many days until Aaron got the call and invite from the Charlotte Hornets and if Sunday is any indication, then it seems the two Twins could end up as steals.

The undrafted Aaron put up 16 points, 8 assists, 4 rebounds and helped the Hornets rally from a 17 point deficit in the 4th quarter and Andrew added 9 points and 6 rebounds in the 4 point victory for Memphis.

They also added had the play of the day when Andrew playfully shoved his brother and said “get out of here.”

“No, we don’t look at each other as competition; we want to push each other and things like that,” Andrew said. “But we just want each other to play well. We played all right today. But I won, so …”

Bonus Video: The Twins in High School