The buying frenzy over Andrew Wiggins’ 1st basketball card in SI for Kids Magazine


If you have 5 bucks and a Barnes and Noble nearby then you can make quick small return on investment or make a cheap low risk long term investment by picking up the latest issue of Sports Illustrated For Kids.

The most popular feature since day 1 of the Kiddie SI print publication has been the uncut sheet of 9 exclusive sports cards often featuring future stars in every sport.  The latest issue contains the first official card of future NBA star Andrew Wiggins and people have been selling the card for up to $30 on Ebay eventhough the complete magazine will only cost you a few if you can find it at a retail store.

Here’s the tip you need to remember if you plan on buying and selling this card.  You have a very short window (about a month) to capitalize on this because no non 90’s SI for Kids card has maintained its value.  Even LeBron’s SI rookie can be bought for less than $10 and PSA graded 10s at $15.

A Kobe can go for as much as $100 while the same year Iverson goes for as little as $5.  The only real sough after SI for Kids card is the 1996 Tiger Woods rookie that sells for about $100 with uncut sheets and full magazines going for hundreds.  If you do get your hands on the full magazine you will have a cool collectible with Larry Johnson on the cover and two worthless cards of Michael Finley and Jerry Stackhouse.

So don’t expect this Wiggins card to sell for $100 in the future but if you want to have some Ebay fun and make 20 quick bucks then go pick one up.

As a Seminole alumni, I’m still hurt that Wiggins didn’t go to FSU where both of his parents went.

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