Barkley jokes about upcoming games on the “Blackman holiday” – MLK day.

Published on January 18th, 2013 by Astramskas, David | 716 views

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Another classic unscripted one-liner from Charles on Inside the NBA.  When Ernie was talking about the upcoming games on MLK day Barkley says  give a “blackman holiday and make him work.”

You might remember a couple of years ago, Barkley paid tribute to King before a game by talking about King’s legacy as the topic of equality and discrimination against the gay community.

“You know, every year you tell us how old Dr. King was when he died – you say 39 – that is remarkable to me,” Barkley told Ernie Johnson and Chris Webber. “’Cause clearly I didn’t know how old he was when he passed away. But to think he has this enduring legacy. Some people live to be 80 and don’t ever make a difference in the world. But to die at 39 and have this great legacy. And I could listen to that speech everyday.”

“People try to make it about black and white. He talked about equality for every man, every woman. We have a thing going on now – people discriminating against homosexuals in this country. I love the people. God bless the gay people. They are great people. We have discrimination against Hispanics in this country right now. We need to answer to that.”

Source: OnTopMag

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