Baron Davis Comeback Pt2: All-Star Weekend

Published on February 21st, 2014 by Astramskas, David | 5,503 views

In part 1 of the “inspirational” Baron Davis comeback video, the “How I Rock it” tv show host worked out with Steve Nash and talked about going to New Orleans to do some networking at All-Star weekend.

In the more hilarious follow-up video, Davis has some great run-ins and conversations with Damian Lillard, Scott Brooks, the President of Turner network and Charles Barkley who ignores Davis outside a party.   Maybe Chuck was getting Davis back for saying “Charles Barkley fat” in the first video.

Obviously most of the video is staged in kind of a Borat/Bad Grandpa way but every moment is just classic.  Davis might not be coming back to the NBA court anytime soon but hopefully he ends up on tv more and I don’t mean just on the Esquire Network which isn’t available everywhere.

Maybe he does need to meet with David Levy.



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