Baron Davis Talks Celebs Who Could Make the League & Drew League Documentary

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Baron Davis

So which actor or rapper is good enough to make the league?  How about…NOBODY.  It’s actually pretty disrespectful to not only the players in the league but all of the players you see putting up big numbers overseas (Bobby Brown?) or busting their asses in the D-League trying to get a 10 day contract.

Yeah guys like the Game and Chris Brown can hit a 3 here, dunk there or make a fancy play that will end up on a Drew League, Rucker Park or Celebrity Game mixtape but just because you ran with guys from the league in a non-league game doesn’t mean you can run with them when they are on the NBA court. Just ask Baron Davis who laughed at TMZ’s questions about celebs possibly playing in the NBA. Baron was not only an exceptional star in the NBA for years but he’s also played alongside the best celebs at the Drew League which is also the focus of a new documentary he created called “The Drew.”

Sadly I wasn’t on the list to see a special screening this past weekend but I am going to contribute to the film (so can you) on IndieGoGo and will impatiently wait to see the film when it comes out this summer.