Blake Griffin & Gerald Green missed dunks last night! Has Hell Frozen Over?

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Blake Griffin

Has hell frozen over?  Well in some part of the United States it does feel that way and in always hot Houston, TX it’s currently 35 degrees. I’m not complaining because I know it’s much colder in lots of other places and pretty much the only hot place right now is wherever Kevin Durant is.

But the reason why I ask is because last night, Houston’s own Gerald Green missed a dunk and it was just 1 of only 2 shots that he missed in a near perfect game.  If that wasn’t shocking enough, Blake Griffin also missed a dunk last night but made up for it by throwing down a bunch of other dunks including one where he almost hit his head on the backboard.

Be safe, stay warm and if you go outside make sure you put on your Thunder jacket that you recently bought to replace your Heat one.



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