Blake Griffin scores 27 points, makes a 3 pointer & dunks (on/by) Bosh & LeBron

Published on November 8th, 2013 by Astramskas, David | 2,520 views

Blake can’t win. I don’t mean as in winning the game which is something he and the Clippers didn’t do last night against the Heat, but he can’t win as in no matter what he does people will say he needs to improve or elevate his game.  If he has a bad game, people will say he needs to add more to it so he wont have a bad performance.  If he has an impressive game, people will say he’s too talented to be so limited and needs to elevate his game.

The dunking machine aka Endorser, who probably has endorsed more products in more commercials than any other player over the past two years, had a great game last night with 27 points 14 rebounds and even a rare step-back 3-pointer ( I rather see a rare block although this shot would shock Kent Bazemore ) but after the game all people could do is point out that he lost and despite the stats he should be doing more.




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