Blake Griffin Still Dunking But Better Yet he’s Blocking Shots | Blake’s Best Blocks

Published on February 2nd, 2012 by Astramskas, David | 1,407 views

Blake Griffin had 3 blocks against the Jazz last night.  3 doesn’t sound that impressive especially when you see Ibaka getting 10 in the game that was on before the Clips game but 3 is enough to be the 2nd highest amount for Blake this season.  His season high of 4 came against Denver 2 games ago and his last 4 games his total of 11 blocks is 3 more than the total of his first 15 games.

Don’t get me wrong, Blake is putting up monster numbers in the points and rebounds category and better than expected apples in the assist cat but with his amazing jumping ability and quickness it just seems odd that he doesn’t average more blocks.  Hopefully the trend of the past week will keep up.

Now let’s get back to the game last night that came down to the last minute.  Blake had 31pts and Chris Paul had 34

Now let’s get back to shot blocking and look back at a few Griffin blocks and wonder why he doesn’t average more




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