"Don't you ever miss?"One of my favorite basketball scenes & unscripted lines in a movie. Bob Cousy shooting free throws in "Blue Chips" pic.twitter.com/ZBwpVeZDtW — David ...(Read more)

Bob Cousy – Master of the Fast Break

There’s a great scene in the unappreciated movie “Blue Chips” with Nick Nolte and NBA legend Bob Cousy having a conversation while Cousy casually knocks down free throw after free throw without a cut. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t in the script for Cousy to make all of them and for Nolte to react by saying “Do you ever miss?” at the end of the scene, but, that’s exactly what happened.

Even though Cousy was a good shooter, he’s most known for being the original showman and master ball handler who was making behind-the-back, over-the-head and no-look passes decades before Magic Johnson threw his first fancy assist in the NBA.

This new mix by Wilt Chamberlain Archive is easily the best Cousy mix I’ve ever seen and I know most people wont watch this 11-minute clip because it’s not in color or because it’s not HD or because the players don’t have longer shorts or because they are just close-minded and only watch clips of LeBron or Kobe, and that’s too bad for them because this footage of the 13 x All-Star, 8 x assists leader and 6 x NBA Champion is a must-watch.


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