Boogie Cousins Makes A Lazy Pass Then Gets Posterized By Enes Kanter!

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DeMarcus Cousins

The NO Twin Towers of DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis filled up the stat sheets with a couple of great fantasy stat lines in their OT win against the Knicks: Davis had a season-high 48 points with 17 boards, 4 steals and 3 blocks; Boogie had 15 points, 16 boards, 7 steals(!), 5 assists and 3 blocks.

But the stat that stands out the most to me is the 5 turnovers by Boogie because his first turnover of the game (a lazy pass right into the hands of New York’s Unicorn) led to him getting posterized by…Enes Kanter!

The second most popular highlight from the game doesn’t involve a dunk, pass, block or anything related to offense or defense; It’s the twin towers moving in sync.