Bulldog’s Malik Carter shuts the gym down with the facial

Published on January 30th, 2013 by Astramskas, David | 6,746 views

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Malik Carter, who scored the last six points in the game, had a nice dunk that i’m sure was much more exciting live  in person in the 4th quarter than in 360p video on YouTube.  What I found exciting about the video is all of the activity around it.

  1. Top left we have fans with giant faces.  What department had that in their budget?
  2. The guy in white near the big heads that runs along the baseline
  3. The guy by the lockers talking to somebody.  He misses the play and then look around trying to figure out what all the commotion is about. I hate when that happens.
  4. Enthusiastic Cheerleader in the bottom right that breaks the routine to jump up and down, run in place and then turn around to look at her fellow cheerleaders.

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