Candace Parker will try to become the first woman in the NBA – in a new film called “Leader of the Pack”

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How would you like to be a producer on a remake of “Juwanna Man” starring WNBA superstar Candace Parker?!

I’m kidding about the remake but you can be a producer or contribute money to the funding of a new film called “Leader of the Pack” starring Candace Parker.  The film is about a female MVP basketball player who wants to be the first women in the NBA.  

Before you start saying it’s never going to happen. What would you have said in 2004 if I said Candace Parker will beat Rudy Gay, Josh Smith and JR Smith in a dunk contest?

If you are interested in contributing to the film which only needs $30k, go to IndieGoGo and click on the “Contribute” button.

Here’s a little more info about the project.

About the Film

Leader Of The Pack” is a story of Marcie Jones, a MVP female basketball player who wants to be the first woman in the all male league, the NBA, but she must battle societal stigmas as she learns the hard way about the  politics of the sport she loves!

As stated previously the role of Marcie Jones will be portrayed by, Candace Parker, currently one of the world’s most famous basketball players.  She has played the sport professionally for nine years, internationally and then plays domestically with the Los Angeles Sparks. She is a two time MVP and former rookie of the year, who has an amazing game and is more than ready to play her character!

This script is written by Alfredo Abaunza and it was inspired and co-written by Producer, Richard Parker(Source magazine).  Both writer’s are a major entity of Writer’s Block Entertainment.

In this film be prepared to experience unprecedented acting, fashion and art.  The eclectic sets and funky concepts are influenced by the Producer and Creative Director of DezignNation, AGuy Smith. It will also highlight the Miami and Los Angeles scene and landscape from the lush tropical palm trees, beautiful views of the mountaintops, to the luxe restaurants, boutiques and nightlife.

The film will also feature Dwayne Wade Sr., Tammy Brawner, Mark Eiglarsh, and several guest appearances from players and other personnel from the WNBA, NBA.

Our shoot date is projected for October of this month and it will be filmed between Los Angeles and Miami.


Film facts and benefits

Equality in sports has been imbalanced for quite some time.  Men reap the majority of benefits such as sponsorship, media coverage , salary. etc.

The salary discrepancies between men vs. women in basketball is shocking to some but accepted as norm to many.  Hey it’s only the women’s league right?  Wrong!  

We believe that our film can bring more exposure to these gifted and talented women who happen to play in the WNBA (for now). There are some great personalities within the league.  (Skylar Diggins, Britney Griner, Maya Moore, Elena Delle Donne, Diana Taurasi, Shoni Shimmell  and so many more).  It’s time for America to show more recognition to the league, instead we have lackluster media coverage and limited support of women’s sports. The result is low attendance and overall weak revenue.

We are requesting that you support this film so we can shed light and honor the profession of women’s basketball, a film like “Leader Of The Pack” will bring awareness to these inequities through entertainment. After the film is launched we will be working with a non-profit in real time to carry on the movement and message.

Just in case you you didn’t know what “Juwanna Man” was. Here’s the full nightmare which should have never been financed.