The Knicks bench reacts to Carmelo Anthony missing a dunk

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Carmelo Anthony

It was all good in the opening quarter of the Knicks and Mavs game.  So good that when Melo missed a dunk the entire Knicks bench erupted in laughter and Tim Hardaway Jr did his best Kent Bazemore watching Blake Griffin shoot a 3 impersonation.

Carmelo Anthony didn’t miss much else in the opening minutes against Dallas.  He scored 15 of his 19 in the first quarter that included a 12-0 run and ended with the Knicks up 29-17.   It seemed like every Knick was feeling good in that game because Melo was 1 of 5 that scored in double figures.

“Everybody on their team played well. Name a guy that didn’t.” – Coach Carlisle

Well, Beno only made 2 of 6 shots but did have 8 assists and Amare made less than half of his shots but he had 7 boards and 1 big laugh at Melo’s dunk miss so I’ll agree with Rick.



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