Cavs Opt-outs LeBron James & Kevin Love Meeting Together At A Pool

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LeBron James Kevin Love

This pic should help spark some more rumors about the future of future free agents LeBron and Kevin Love. But don’t get too excited or scared (depending on if you want the to leave or not) because  LeBron, who was in LA for his annual skills camp, isn’t expected to meet with any other teams and is expected to re-sign a one year deal so he can opt out again next summer when the salary cap goes up.  As is Kevin Love, who has said all year he plans on staying with the team.

According to ESPN, the meeting wasn’t about free agency, but if I had $110 million, I would bet it all that topic came up. Why wouldn’t it? I’m sure they also talked about the future of teammates JR Smith, Iman Shumpert and Tristan Thompson who shares the same agent as LeBron.  The belief is Thompson will also be back in Cleveland and if it was up to LeBron, he would be a Cav for the rest of his career.

Now if you were expecting something a little more exciting about the LeBron & Love pool meeting then hopefully a video of this meeting in the water will make up for it.  Go to the 1:26 mark.