Charles Barkley sings during NCAA Halftime show “They call me Frank Sinatra Jr back in Leeds Alabama”

“They call me Frank Sinatra Jr back in Leeds Alabama.”

Barkley made that comment during the NCAA Halftime show with a straight face and considering the town of Leeds Alabama has a population of less than 12,000 and are most known for having the largest Bass Pro Shop in the US, I don’t doubt that somebody once told the pride of Leeds High School that he could sing like the lost son of Ol’ Blue Eyes.

Since we are on the topic of Barkley and his hometown, despite being a standout at Auburn University, Barkely wasn’t a highly recruited high school player. ┬áHe was only noticed in the state semi-finals when he had a big game against Alabama’s most recruited player (Bobby Lee Hurt) with Auburn assistant coach, Sonny Smith, in attendance. ┬áSmith described Barkley as a “fat guy..who can play like the wind.”

He might have played like the wind but he sure can’t sing like Sinatra.



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