Charles Oakley shows off his new fitness invention

Move over Billy Blanks and P90x, here comes a 50 year old grey haired Charles Oakley with the “Moore Trainer Resistance Bands.”

Fox Sports met up with Oak, who now hangs out with Jordan instead of throwing flagrant fouls at him, who looks in better shape than 99% of retired NBA players from the 90s about his obesity fighting invention. ¬†Oakley is being credited as the “co-developer” of the product but I’m wondering if this is another George Foreman Grill where a struggling company just finds an athlete with a cool personality to stick his face and name on it.

You can find out more information about the bands on the website ¬†Can somebody tell the webmaster you have to remove the default “just another wordpress site” when you buy just another wordpress template.

Here is another funny video of the product being tested out by a few people on Good Day NY and it looks like a teaser for a threesome.



I miss the guy below

[youtube id=”F5tQN7Wvqac” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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