Chris Paul 4th Quarter Highlights in Comeback vs Blazers

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Chris Paul

Maybe he was mad at everybody talking about his abs or lack there of in the SI Swimsuit issue.  Maybe he was mad because he only made zero of seven shots in the first three quarters against the Blazers.  Maybe the combination of looking out of shape and not being able to score would draw comparisons to the awful Raymond Felton who probably lost his starting gig last night.

“I’ve had bad games before, so I didn’t care,” Paul said. “If we would have lost, I would have beat myself up. The fourth quarter is when it all matters.”

But Cp3 is a winner and in the 4th quarter he came alive scoring 13 points and getting the Clippers the win.  (I almost put a Jeremy Lin reference in but I didn’t…s**t I just did)

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