CNN Uses A Photo of LaMarcus Aldridge While Talking About Lamar Odom

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If it wasn’t bad enough that Lamar Odom is being labeled as a “Kardashian reality star” by many news outlets, according to BustedCoverage, CNN used a photo of LaMarcus Aldridge instead of Odom while talking about….you guessed it, a Kardashian.

Although mistakes like this are fairly common, you just don’t expect to see it on CNN, especially when it’s a story as trending and serious as this one is. Last year CNN confused Steve Smith and Stephen A. Smith during a phone call with Steve Smith, but that was a lot more understandable since the two had very similar names.  I don’t think Lamar and LaMarcus with different last names is that similar.

Hopefully CNN gets it right next time and hopefully over the next few days more people learn a little more about Odom and why he was a big deal long before he was on a reality TV show.



Source: Dime