Coach Pop Yells “What The F***” After James Harden Gets The Phantom Call

Published on May 4th, 2017 by Astramskas, David | 9,587 views


That’s what Pop and every non-Rockets fan was yelling when the refs put James Harden at the line for three after the refs called a phantom foul on Patty Mills for breathing on Harden while he pulled up forĀ a wild deep three.

I guess the refs just wanted to make the game more interesting or make sure the Vegas line didn’t get messed up. And thankfully for Harden, the free throw line was the only place his shot wasn’t messed up. He made 5 of 6 freebies and missed 7 of 9 threes and 14 of 17 overall shots.

After making just 2 of the 3 freebies, the Rockets were within 4. Then the 4th quarter happened, where the Spurs outscored the Rockets 33 to 13 and came away with a 121-96 victory.

Here’s Popovich giving some classic Pop answers that sounds like he’s probably thinking “WTF” after every question.

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