Coach Popovich Laughs At Draymond Green’s 2nd Best Flop Ever

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Draymond Green

Where’s that fan with the “Draymond Flop count” sign?

During the second quarter of the Spurs reenactment of the Alamo near the Alamo in San Antonio, Draymond got hit in the mouth by Jonathon Simmons, then flopped as if a bomb was blowing up in front of him while throwing the ball as if it was also a bomb. The flop of the year nominee left Simmons speechless with his hands in the air, the crowd and Green’s teammates frozen and Popovich laughing and shaking his head in disbelief. As great as that flop was, it doesn’t compete with what I consider his best one, which came during the playoffs two years ago.

While guarding Ryan Anderson in Game 3 of the Warriors and Pelicans series back in 2015, Draymond had a similar fall but unlike the Simmons explosion, Draymond was never hit in the face.

Apparently from the facial expressions and body language between Anderson and Draymond at the end of the video, the two didn’t seem to agree on what just happened. Or maybe Draymond just put down the rapping and beat making skills of Anderson, who believe it or not, makes hip-hop beats and was part of a rap group with J.J Redick called ‘Waste Management’ aka ‘James Clay.’