Do you recognize the following names: Darryl Dawkins, LeBron, Drake, JCole, Los?  A lot of you might not know who Carlos Smothers is but he’s one ...(Read more)

Countdown to Showdown: Interview w/ AllStar Judge Los

Do you recognize the following names: Darryl Dawkins, LeBron, Drake, JCole, Los?  A lot of you might not know who Carlos Smothers is but he’s one of the Allstar judges (alongside Myree “Reemix” Bowden) that sits with these basketball legends & hip hop greats.  So how did this guy who just 2 years ago was only involved in the Sprite Showdown contest as an online video entry end up with a VIP seat next to the “King?”

We did a quick chat with the best dunker in the bay to find out about his journey and his thoughts on the other judges, J.Cole and the Sprite Showdown in general.

You went from being the online winner in 2010 to a finalist in front of LeBron James to sitting next to LeBron as a judge. How did that happen?

Hard work pays off,when ur motivated n have drive, ANYTHING IS POsSIBLE. im just honored that sprite and the nba want me to be apart of this epic event!

You will also be judging with J.Cole. I heard he has a little game. Do you think you can beat him?
Of course i can beat him. he should stick to beats n rhymes bc i dont want to embarass him on the court

Where do you rank Cole among the best rappers. Name your top 5 current rappers?
I think j cole is a forsure top 10 rapper out now. his buzz n rhyming skills are better than most rapper out now rite now!! top 5 – rick ross, drake, lil wayne, jay-z, kanye

Another judge you sit next to is Darryl Dawkins. Give me a funny story about Chocolate Thunder
Darryl Dawkins, thats my dude right there! he is such a funny character! i cant even tell u half of the stories he tells me b/c there might be kids reading this interview but lets just say there is never a dull moment around daryl!!!

As a judge what do you look for the most? creativity. power. originality?
As a judge, i like to see creativity n something new! but most importantly, get the crowd involved!

Last year’s competition was a little bit of letdown compared to the year before. What do you think those finalist did wrong that this year’s should make sure they avoid?
Last year, i think the dunkers wre thinking too much into it, its supposed to be fun and i think they forgot that. they were too serious! all it is is doing what these dunkers do everyday in the gym (just in front of thousands of people) lol. if they just go out and enjoy themselves, they will be just fine

What is your favorite personal dunk moment?
My personal favortie dunk moment was going out in front of lebron, drake, and every one else in Dallas asw in 2010! That was my coming out party and i took adavtage of every second of it!

Who was your favorite dunker or inspiration growing up?
My favorite dunker is james white and air up there b/c to me they influenced the dunking game so much, they took it to new levels that no one couold ever think of!

See you Friday!


WHEN: 2.24.12 @ 4:25PM EST on | 2.25.12 @ 1:30PM EST on NBATV

For the past three years, the best “Amateur” dunk contest in the world has been taking place the night before the  NBA Dunk Contest during All-Star weekend. In front of  LeBron James, special hip hop guests like Drakeand this year J. Cole (who will also be performing) , dunk legend Darryl Dawkins and our Sprite Showdown All-Stars Reemix & Los, 4 finalist will compete for the dunk title, $10k and the honor of presenting the trophy to the NBA player who wins the NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest the next night.

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