Dad Stops His Son From Giving LeBron the Double Middle Finger

Published on March 13th, 2015 by Astramskas, David | 9,711 views

With the Spurs up by 6 in the 3rd quarter, this spoiled kid probably thought he was going to go home happy and with a San Antonio victory.  Instead, he went home butt-hurt and might have went home to a butt whooping by his Dad who had to stop his son from giving James the Bird on TV.

If I was the Dad, that would be the last father and son moment we have at those expensive ass seats for a while.

But since i’m not the Dad, I can just sit back and laugh at the kid who did what a lot of ball boys wish they could do.

As for my kids, he’s my 7 year old’s favorite player (he signed a birthday card for her) and my 10 year old loves Kyrie Irving, but that has more to with the fact that he was on Disney’s Kickin it and on the cover of her Cocoa Pebbles than the fact that he can drop 57 on the Spurs.

Source: Bleacher Report


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