D’Angelo Russell Says He’s Going To Imitate Kobe, Then Shoots An Airball!

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Kobe Bryant D’Angelo Russell

Back in August at the NBA rookie shoot, Lakers rookie D’Angelo Russell showed off a pretty amusing impersonation of his future teammate Kobe Bryant. In the past couple of months, Russell has had a better look at Kobe’s game (even if it’s from the bench because of whatever new strategy Byron Scott has come up with) so during Wednesday’s shootaround he was able to do a more accurate impersonation: tell your teammates to get out the way, take a turn around fade away shot and airball it!

I don’t think Russell meant to air ball the shot after saying “Kobe” but….you never know.

The Kobe Farewell Tour is in Minny tonight, so it will be interesting to see how many minutes Kobe and the young guys get against the young pups of Minnesota.

Source: @MarkG_Medina


Kobe fans, don’t take this post so seriously. ┬áIf you are offended, then here’s a video that will cheer your spoiled a$$ up.