Amazing trick shot compilation by the guy who beat LeBron in HORSE

Back in 2008, David Khalb beat LeBron James in a game of HORSE at Venice Beach.  Although beating the King 2-0 might be the highlight of his basketball career, the shots he took to do it were far from his most difficult.

David is back with possibly the most amazing trick shot compilation video on YouTube.  You will probably doubt half of the shots and swear some trick photography was used but the king of trick shots did in fact make every single shot with nothing but skills…and a little luck.

Back to LeBron and his loss to Khalb.  He wasn’t tricked into the event, the event was actually his idea and he hand picked the contestants including Khalb who played basketball at the University of Akron.  What LeBron wasn’t expecting, was for Khalb to actually make the difficult shots without multiple tries.




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