DeAndre Jordan has “Los Angeles” ripped off his cheap Donald Sterling owned jersey

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Swamp meets are pretty popular in LA (anybody remember when Fab 5 Freddy met up with Eazy-E and N.W.A on Yo! MTV Raps…guess not) and considering Clippers owner Donald Sterling is such a cheap-ass and that the names on the Clippers’ jerseys can be ripped right off, I’m assuming Sterling had an intern go to the local swap meet to get the jerseys made which probably came with some knockoff LA Kings hats and locs.

Last night, Philly’s Tony Wroten demonstrated the quality of the jerseys when he ripped “Los Angeles” off DeAndre Jordan’s jersey.  They did have an extra one on hand but that’s no surprise considering swap meet deals are usually 2 for 1.

So how cheap is Donald Sterling.  Check out this article called “Donald Sterling’s Cheapast Moments As A Clippers Owner.” Here’s a few bullets from the Bleacher Report post.

  • Clippers wouldn’t cover surgery for an assistant coach so Corey Maggette, Kaman and Marco Jaric paid the $70k worth of medical bills
  • The most they paid for a player in the 90s was $4 million in 1993 to Ron Harper but they wouldn’t match the Bulls the next year.  So Harper made more money and won 3 championship rings in Chicago while the Clippers did absolutely nothing in the 90s until they drafted Olowkandi with the #1 pick over Vince Carter, Paul Pierce, Mike Bibby, Jason Williams and pretty much everybody else in the draft.




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