If you want an example of how fast De’Aaron Fox is, go to the 2:57 mark of the above video. After receiving the ball on an ...(Read more)

De’Aaron Fox Shows The Grizzlies Why He Might Be The Fastest Player In The NBA

If you want an example of how fast De’Aaron Fox is, go to the 2:57 mark of the above video. After receiving the ball on an inbound, he takes a couple of steps then takes off and blows by a defender standing a few feet ahead of him (yes, the screen did slow the defender down). If you pause at the 3:00 mark you will see it’s just him between five defenders — two trying to catch him and three between him and the rim. Pause at 3:01 and you will see him making a layup with all five defenders behind him while all of his teammates were behind the three-point line.

That’s fast! And that’s why the fastest high school player in the country who became the fastest player in the NCAA is not only arguably the fastest rookie in the NBA this season but one of the fastest players in the NBA. Derrick Jones Jr might agree.

While Fox was at Kentucky he said he thought he was faster than John Wall, who is not only considered by many to be the fastest player in the NBA but Wizards’ Coach Scott Brooks thinks is as fast as any player in NBA history.

“Going basket to basket, [Wall] can get there in 2.5 seconds,” Brooks said. “So if you can get there in 2.5 seconds, you can make two or three passes. He is as fast as anybody in this league, probably in the history.

“He’s one of the best I’ve ever seen going at a full speed being able to see the other nine players on the court at the same time. Not a lot of guys can do that.”

The Kings are hoping Fox will be able to do that. And during Sunday’s loss, Fox did a little of everything, finishing the game with 17 points, 5 boards, 4 assists and 3 steals, giving him a total of 8 steals after two games. Although Fox could get to the rim anytime he wanted, he struggled with his shot again, missing two of his three threes after going 0 for three from three in his previous game. He also missed half of his 12 attempts at the free-throw line. That sucks but his inconsistent shot was a question mark and concern going into college and the NBA draft and outweighed by the fact that Fox is fast as a fox and a gamer. When I say gamer I don’t mean playing video games — even though Fox does play NBA2k for up to six hours a day — I mean he will show up and have a big game when the spotlight is on. Lonzo Ball might agree!

Here’s some more examples of how fast Fox is (faster than Kyrie Irving?) after this quote from Kentucky’s head strength and conditioning coach Robert Harris.

“I always told him that he could get in the Kentucky Derby with the thoroughbreds and finish in the top three.”

By the end of the upcoming NBA season, most of the league might agree.


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