DeMar DeRozan hits 1st Raptors game winner in 6 years + Vince Carter’s Top 10 Game Winners

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DeMar DeRozan

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Watching DeMar fly in a Raptors uni will occasionally give you flashbacks of when Vinsanity ruled Canada but what’s been missing out of DeMar’s game and for the Raptors in general are those last second buzzer beating moments that Vinsanity is rarely ever remembered for.

For a couple of years, Vince Carter was clutch and I would bet on Vince just as quickly if not quicker to hit a game winner than Kobe.   Of course, that was then, way back then, and this is now.  Now means almost a decade removed from Vinsanity and 6 years since TJ Ford hit a buzzer beating game winner for the franchise.

But last night, Vinsanity2.0 and our favorite Ballislife clothing model, DeMar DeRozan hit a ridiculous game winner that ended a streak for the franchise and hopefully starts a hot shooting streak for DeMar.

In honor of this game winner, we celebrate DeMar celebrating by showing The Official DeMar DeRozan High School Mixtape with an introduction by DeMar and Vince Carter’s Top 10 Game Winners.  Enjoy!

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[youtube id=”U1sQxpGhMTE” width=”600″ height=”350″]


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