DeMarcus Cousins Clowns Draymond Green While Green Apologizes For “Hacked D**k Pic”

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“Draymond does this remind you of anything?” 

When a celebrity says their social media account has been “hacked,” there’s a 99.9% chance they are lying and only posted the excuse out of panic and/or to buy some time. So when Draymond Green tweeted “Hacked…Can’t win right now” early Sunday morning, in response to him accidentally publishing a penis pic to his Snaphchat story, we all just shook our head and laughed because we knew the active Snaphchat expert was lying.

Hours later, Green, who continues to have his summer dominated by penis stories, told the truth to reporters at the Team USA practice and gave one impressive sounding apology.


“There’s so many things going on in my world for me to sit and complain [that] I can’t catch a break,” Green said.

“For me to sit here [and say] I can’t catch a break [for getting] suspended for a game in the Finals or I can’t catch a break for this situation, I’m living my dreams, I’m playing in the Olympics.

“To say I can’t catch a break, I think that’s disrespectful for everybody. How many people get to live their dreams? I’m not going to sit here and throw myself a pity party and say I can’t catch a break. I’m fine. I get to joke around with these guys all day and get to do what I love for my country. I’m fine. I’m fine.”

“I didn’t get a call [about the Snapchat post]. I figured it out pretty quick,” he said. “In this world, quick ain’t quick enough. Once it’s out, it’s out. I thought I reacted pretty quick. I saw those screen shots and quick ain’t quick enough in this world.”

“This is what I asked for, though,” Green said. “I asked to be in this position; I worked to be in this position, and it comes with the territory.

“I truly believe we all go through points in our life that help propel us to the next level. I’m at the stage right now where all this stuff will help propel me to the next level as a basketball player, but more importantly as a man. I don’t live my life with regrets. I apologize for the situation. It’s clearly not what I was trying to do. At the end of the day you have certain situations in your life that just help push you forward, and you have to use them the right way.”

You couldn’t ask for a better apology than that. Green admitted his mistake, how lucky he is to be in the position he’s in, understands the attention that comes with having that position and hopes to do and be better from his mistakes.

And you couldn’t ask for a better response from the USA Basketball twitter account either…

Or a funnier video than this one by B/R…