Derek Fisher with the most painful save (off the face of Sean Elliot) in NBA history

Published on September 12th, 2013 by Astramskas, David | 7,360 views

It takes quick thinking and reflexes to save the ball from going out of bounds by throwing it off another player.  In most cases, the “throw” is more like a tap that hits an opponent.  That wasn’t the case in this game between the Spurs and Lakers when Derek Fisher caught the ball, turned and volleyball spiked the ball off the head of Sean Elliot, who was already on the ground.

As great of a save as it was, it wasn’t as great of a save as the Memorial Day Miracle by Elliot later that year. I’m sure the Trailblazers will tell you it was more painful than a hit to the face.

Speaking of miracles, the Spurs, and Derek Fisher, we have to show the .04 miracle shot Fish hit in 2004.




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